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Vicks Aroma Pillows

Vicks Aroma Pillows

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Vicks Aroma Pillows: Handcrafted, Weighted Acupressure & Aromatherapy Pillows for Enhanced Meditation, Relaxation, and Decongestion.

Our Vicks Aroma Pillows are meticulously handcrafted with a touch of love, making each one truly unique. They are skillfully block-printed one by one in the traditional Vicks colors, ensuring authenticity and craftsmanship in every detail. Measuring approximately 3x3 inches in size, these pillows are thoughtfully designed for your comfort and well-being.

What sets our Vicks Aroma Pillows apart is their exquisite combination of aromatherapy and acupressure. Each pillow is filled with a carefully selected blend of rice and camphor, offering a nostalgic and soothing scent known for promoting deep relaxation. Furthermore, the acupressure elements embedded within these pillows can help alleviate tension and congestion, making them ideal companions for meditation and moments of tranquility.

Experience the soothing touch and therapeutic benefits of Vicks Aroma Pillows, where tradition meets innovation to enhance your well-being.
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